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tourist mini bus with 26 seats with Refrigerator

Rent a Nissan Civilian Minibus in Dhaka.

In Dhaka, you can rent a civilian minibus starting at a price of BDT 11,000 Taka per day. There will be an additional charge of BDT 2,000 if you decide to travel outside of Dhaka. (Negotiable)

In Bangladesh, you can rent a civilian minibus for as low as BDT 1,85,000 Taka per month. (Negotiable)

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Aqua Two

Starting $300 / day

Mountain Bike

Playmount Short

Starting $12 / day

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Starting $10 / day


About Nissan Civilian Minibus Rent

How many seats does a civilian minibus have?

The civilian minibus has a seating capacity of 26 passengers.

Tell me about the Nissan Civilian Air Conditioning System.

Experience the ultimate comfort with the air conditioning system in the Nissan Civilian.

Can I book a Nissan Civilian right now?

Certainly, you can book a minibus for your trip, but we highly recommend making the reservation at least 2-3 days in advance.