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Axio Car Rent Near Me

Axio for Daily

Toyota Axio
Starting 3,000/ day
Allion Car Rent Near Me

Allion for Daily

Toyota Allion
Starting 3,500 / day
Noah Rent Near Me

Noah for Daily

Toyota Noha
Starting 3,500 / day
Hiace rent near me

Hiace for Daily

Toyota Hiace
Starting 4,000 / day
Prado Jeep Car Rent from Car Dorkar

Prado for Daily

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Starting 12,000 / day
Harrier rent near me

Harrier for Daily

Toyota Harrier
Starting 8,000/ day

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Quality Cars

Choose our car list and select any car that you want to monthly or daily basis for rent

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6+ Years Professional Driver that can make your trip more comfortable

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Car Dorkar is online rent-a-car Agency and provide Best Service Provider in Bangladesh

Car Dorkar is most popular Rent a car Agency and our main aim is to help people travel hassle-free in Bangladesh. Our website offers a rent-a-car service and provides all necessary information about traveling in Bangladesh, such as airline ticket and flight information, Bangladesh railway station information, train schedule, price, etc.

What is Rent-a-car in Bangladesh 

We are Car Dorkar, one of the best car rental agencies in Bangladesh, and we believe renting a car means offering quality vehicles for short periods to service any person who is interested too, like for one day, one week, one month, even some for a couple of months or yearly,

We are the Best Car Rental Agency in Bangladesh

Hello, welcome to the best car rental Company in Bangladesh, Car Dorkar is a successful Rent-a-Car company in Bangladesh. Renting a car has become an indispensable part of our lives. Whether for leisurely road trips, business travel, or running errands, renting a car offers flexibility and freedom that transcends traditional transportation methods. In this industry, Car Dorkar Successfully operates this job in Bangladesh. Allow us to reach your destinations.

and why rental cars so expensive

Cost to rent a car in Dhaka

It depends on your needs and other facilities. If you need a car rental for one day in Dhaka city, the cost will start from around 2,500 Tk to 5,000 Tk for the four seater sedan car, and if you need more than a sedan car the price will increase as per your requirements, at the same time you book a vehicle for the complete package or only for body rent it depends on you need and if you need monthly car rental service  the cost depending your need it’s starting from 45,000 taka.

Fuel Cost and Other Expenses for Body Rent

Car Dorkar provides the best affordable car rental service, especially if you plan to rent daily. We highly recommend understanding the fuel policy before booking a car if renting only a Body. All fuel costing options, like a kilometer per cost or a full-day package, as well as monthly basis body rent are available.

Advance Book a Car Online or via phone call

It is recommended that you book your rental car well in advance to secure the vehicle you want and get a better rate. You can book your dream car via an online booking system or a simple phone call 

Car Rental Policies in Bangladesh

Carefully read our rental agreement and ask questions if you have. Our team is available at any time. If you need clarification on anything, contact us.

Best Quality Car for Renting Services

If there are problems with the Car, you should inspect it thoroughly before accepting it. Hopefully, you don’t get any damage or significant issues with our Car. Maintain quality for customer satisfaction. We believe in empowering our communities, improving each neighbourhood, and giving our customers a family-like experience. We not only recognize but also deeply value the importance of hard work, and we make sure to reward it accordingly.

Pickup Drop or One-way Rental Service

Both are important. You can select any rental option, such as pickup, drop or one-way service, especially at an airport and railway station. Allow enough time for drop-off to prevent last-minute rushes.

Take service from Best Rent a car Agency

Choose Safe Agency as your car rental company; you can be assured that your journey will be hassle-free. Provide educated drivers to abide by local traffic laws, wear seatbelts, and adhere to speed limits. The driver of our vehicle will follow the driving rules and regulations of the area you are visiting when driving.

Renting a car offers more than just getting from Place A to Place B it gives you freedom, experiences, and comfortable journeys. Whether you’re a business person or adventurer needing a reliable vehicle for a perfect trip, renting a car bridges your destination and dreams. So, the next time you plan a trip, consider the convenience and flexibility that renting a car can bring to your journey

Where can I rent a car without a credit card?

Car Dorkar has not yet asked about your credit card information. However, you used our daily car rental service or monthly basis car rental service, It’s essential to know that your credit cards are your property, and you have control over them. You don’t need to use a credit card to pay; we offer various payment options, such as Bkash, Nogod, Bank Bank money transport, and more. Choose the option that suits you best and complete your payment hassle-free.

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