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Toyota Hiace Rent with cheapest price

The Prado rental price starts at BDT 3,500 Taka per day in Dhaka. If you travel outside of Dhaka, there will be an extra charge of BDT 1,000. (Negotiable)

The Toyota Hi-Ace rental price starts at BDT 65,000 Taka per month in Bangladesh. (Negotiable)

Toyota Grand Cabin fo rent


Hi Ace

Starting 4000 / day

Toyota Grand Cabin fo rent


Hi Ace

Starting 10000 / Package

Toyota Grand Cabin fo rent


Hi Ace

Starting 70000 / month

Why is Toyota HiAce Popular in Bangladesh?

Are You Searching for Reliable and Fuel Efficient Cars in Bangladesh? Look No Further than the Toyota HiAce! This versatile vehicle has captured many Bangladeshi drivers with its excellent performance and affordability, making it a top choice among car enthusiasts across Bangladesh! Discover why many Bangladeshis choose the Toyota Hiace as their go-to option! This blog post will discover why this iconic model has become such a favorite! So buckle up as we delve into what makes the HiAce a top choice among car enthusiasts across Bangladesh!

Toyota Hiace is extremely fuel-efficient, making it extremely popular among Bangladeshis.

One of the main reasons the Toyota Hiace has become such a hit in Bangladesh is its remarkable fuel efficiency. At a time when rising fuel costs can be a constant worry, having a vehicle that makes every drop count makes all the difference in Bangladesh.

With its advanced engine technology and aerodynamic design, the Toyota HiAce boasts impressive mileage figures among vehicles in its class. Whether you’re traveling through city traffic or long distances along highways, this car allows for optimal fuel economy without compromising performance.

How many seats does Toyota Hiace Have?

When choosing a vehicle, seating capacity should be an essential factor. And in this respect, Toyota HiAce stands out. Offering plenty of passenger space with its various seating arrangements.

The Toyota HiAce comes in several models designed to meet various needs. From spacious family vans to practical transport vehicles for business use, there’s sure to be one HiAce model to meet them all – depending on the configuration. The Toyota Hiace can comfortably seat from eight up to 12 people!

Toyota Hiace models come in an assortment of colors and styles.

Toyota Hiace cars are known for their fuel efficiency and dependability while offering various colors and styles that cater to the diverse preferences of car buyers in Bangladesh. From sleek modernity to rugged adventurism – whatever you prefer, there is sure to be a Toyota Hiace model suitable for you.

One popular choice for the Toyota HiAce is white, which creates a professional appearance and is often chosen by businesses for commercial purposes such as transportation services or delivery fleets. If you want something different on the road, vibrant hues like red or blue may make a statement more effective.

Toyota HiAce provides many stylish options for selecting body types for vans or mini-busses, while various trim levels feature features and amenities to enhance your driving experience.

Whether for business use or a family van, the Toyota Hiace offers something suitable for everyone. Boasting multiple colors and styles to fit individual preferences while reaping all its advantages makes a stylish yet practical vehicle purchase decision.

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About Hiace rent service in Bangladesh

The Toyota Hiace has seating for how many people?

The number of seats in the HiAce car is 12 seats.

How to rent a Toyota Hiace microbus in Dhaka?

Simply call (+88019 1644 5529) Car Dorkar, the finest car rental company in Bangladesh.