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Nissan X-Trail Rent Service

In Dhaka, you can start renting the X-Trail at an attractive price of only BDT 6,000 Taka per day. If you travel outside of Dhaka, there will be an extra charge of BDT 1,000. (Negotiable)

In Bangladesh, the Nissan X-Trail can be rented for as low as BDT 1,10,000 Taka per month. (Negotiable)

Nissan X Trail


Red X Trail

Starting 000 / day

Nissan X Trail Black car for rent


Black X Trail

Starting 7000 / day

Nissan X Trail rental service in Bangladesh


Orange X Trail

Starting 1,10,000 / month

X trail Jeep for rental service in Bangladesh 

X trail jeep is most popular SUV from Nissan, in Bangladesh X-trail in most using car for family tours or office event 


About Nissan X-Trail Renting in Bangladesh

Nissan X-Trail has how many seats?

The Nissan X-Trail boasts an impressive seven-seat capacity.

How to rent a Nissan X-Trail in Bangladesh?

Just give a call to our expert car rental support team at (+88019 1644 5529) and we will provide you with all the necessary information about your needs. Our team will suggest you a car with the best price.

What's included in the rental price shown on the Car Dorkar website?

Our services include the provision of professional drivers and well-maintained vehicles. In addition to the basic fee, you will have to cover additional expenses such as fuel, tolls, and meals for the driver.