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Any type of Axio Car Rental Service in Bangladesh

The Axio rental price starts at BDT 2,500 Taka per day in Dhaka. If you travel outside of Dhaka, there will be an extra charge of BDT 500. (Negotiable)

The Axio rental price starts at BDT 45,000 Taka per month in Bangladesh. (Negotiable)

Information About Toyota Axio Car


The automobile industry continuously develops, with new designs and innovations every year. The Toyota Axio is a popular car model. The Axio is known for its durability, fuel efficiency, and stylish appearance. It is no wonder that the Axio is now a preferred choice for car enthusiasts and regular drivers. In this post, we will look at the characteristics that make the Toyota Axio a standout compact car.

Stylish Exterior:

Toyota’s Toyota Axio style is stylish and contemporary, making it attractive. The Axio exudes elegance with its sleek design, prominent grille, and aerodynamic shape. Its small dimensions make it perfect in urban traffic, and its athletic accents add a sense of glam. When driving to work or taking on a weekend getaway, the exterior of the Axio will be a hit everywhere you travel.

Comfortable and Spacious Interior:

Enter the Toyota Axio, and you’ll discover a spacious, well-designed interior. The cabin has plenty of legroom and headroom, which makes for the best driving experience for both driver and passengers. The seats are designed ergonomically to provide great support when driving long distances. Furthermore, the Axio has high-end materials and exquisite finishing, adding to the overall luxury feel.

Advanced Safety Features:

Toyota prioritizes safety and the Axio is no different. It has various innovative safety features, and the Axio offers peace of mind on the roads. It comes with Toyota Safety Sense, a safety technology set with features like brakes that prevent collisions, lane departure alerts, and auto high beams. These safety features can help avoid accidents and lessen the impact of collisions. This makes the Axio the ideal vehicle for drivers concerned about safety.

Fuel Efficiency and Performance:

The Toyota Axio is very fuel efficient, which makes it a good choice for both daily commuting and long trips. The engine was designed to provide performance, efficiency, and an enjoyable and fluid driving experience that doesn’t require excess fuel. When you’re on the streets of a city or taking a drive, the Axio’s fuel efficiency keeps you moving and cutting down the carbon footprint.

Innovative Technology:

Toyota has incorporated the most recent technology into the Axio to improve your driving experience. The car has an intuitive infotainment system for the user with touchscreens, smartphone connectivity, and voice recognition. With these options, you’ll be able to effortlessly access your favorite apps, make calls without hands, and enjoy individual entertainment while traveling.


The Toyota Axio offers a winning combination of performance, style, and the latest features. It’s a great option for those looking for an affordable car that looks attractive, has a cozy interior, and is safe. The Axio is a fuel-efficient car with advanced technology that meets the needs of modern drivers who value sustainability and convenience. If you’re searching for a stylish and reliable compact vehicle, the Toyota Axio should be high on your list of options.

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Axio Rent



Starting 2500 / day

Axio Rent



Starting 4000 / Package

Axio Rent



Starting 45000 / Month