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Kamalapur Railway Station all Train Schedules

Kamalapur Railway Station is main train stop in Bangladesh, It is a well-known fact that every Bangladeshi loves train travel. Bangladesh does not have a very popular train service currently. Right now it the main rail hub in Bangladesh.

Dhaka Railway Station

Dhaka Train Station, is the largest, busiest, and main train hub in Dhaka. Intercity trains from Dhaka to Kurigram, Dhaka to Rajshahi, Dhaka to Khulna, Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and many more, all depart from Kamalapur.

Kamalapur Railway Station Train Schedule

Many Intercity train depart from this train station. You can take a train from here to different destination. Including popular tourist destinations nearest Railway Station like Cox’s Bazar, Srimangal, Kurigram Railway Station, and Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi, Chapai Nawabganj,

Dhaka, Kamalapur Train schedules with Train No

Train NoTrain NameOff DayRoutesArrivalDeparture
770Dhumketu ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka 5.00 AM
740Upaban ExpressMondaySylhet to Dhaka5.45 AM
816Parjotak ExpressSundayDhaka to Cox’s Bazar6.15 AM
709Parabat ExpressTuesdayDhaka to Sylhet6.30 AM
788Sonar Bangla ExpressWednesdayDhaka to Chattogram7:00 AM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off DayDhaka to Chattogram7:45 AM
797Kurigram ExpressDhaka to Kurigram08:45 pm
792Banalata ExpressChapai Nawabganj to Dhaka11.35 AM
717Jayentika ExpressTuesdayDhaka To Sylhet11.15 AM
801Chattala ExpressFridayChattogram to Dhaka12:10 PM
701Suborno ExpressMondayChattogram to Dhaka12:25 PM
754Silkcity ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka1.20 PM
774Kalni ExpressFridaySylhet to Dhaka 1.00 PM
791Banalota ExpressDhaka to Chapai Nawabganj1.30 PM
801Chattala ExpressFridayDhaka to Chattogram1:45 PM
756Madhumati ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka2.00 PM
753SilkcityDhaka to Rajshahi2.40 PM
773Kalni ExpressFridayDhaka to Sylhet2.55 PM
755Madhumati ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi3.00 PM
702Suborno ExpressMondayDhaka to Chattogram4:30 PM
798Kurigram ExpressKurigram to Dhaka5.15 PM
769Dhumketu ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi6.00 AM
721Mohanagar ExpressSundayChattogram to Dhaka 6:40 PM
718Jayentika ExpressThursdaySylhet to Dhaka7.25 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off DayChattogram to Dhaka7:04 PM7:07 PM
722Mohanagar ExpressSundayDhaka to Chattogram9:20 PM
760Padma ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka9.25 PM
710Parabat ExpressTuesdaySylhet to Dhaka10.15 PM
814Coxs Bazar ExpressMondayDhaka to Cox’s Bazar10.30 PM
759Padma ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi10.45 PM
739Upaban ExpressWednesdayDhaka To Sylhet10.00 PM
742TurnaNo Off DayDhaka to Chattogram11:38 PM
813Cox’s Bazar ExpressTuesdayCox’s Bazar to Dhaka12.30 PM

Kamalapur to Sylhet train Time Table 2024

If you plan to travel from Kamalapur to Sylhet. You’ll be glad to know that four Intercity trains and one Mail train are available daily on this route. These include Parabat Express, Jayentika Express, Kalni Express, and Upaban Express. The distance between the two locations is roughly 320 Kilometres. To help you plan your trip. I have provided details about each train, including their off days, departure and arrival times, and train numbers.

Kamalapur to Sylhet Trains Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayKamalapur DepartureSylhet Arrival
709Parabat ExpressTuesday6.30 AM1.00 PM
717Jayentika ExpressTuesday11.15 AM7.00 PM
773Kalni ExpressFriday2.55 PM9.30 PM
718Jayentika ExpressWednesday10.00 PM5.00 AM
739Upaban ExpressWednesday10.00 PM5.00 AM
09Surma ExpressNo Day10.50 PM12.10 PM (Next Day)

Sylhet to Kamalapur Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DaySylhet DepartureKamalapur Arrival
740Upaban ExpressMonday11.30 AM5.45 AM

Chattogram to Kamalapur Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayChattogram DepartureKamalapur Arrival
801Chattala ExpressFriday6:00 AM12:10 PM
701Suborno ExpressMonday7:30 AM12:25 PM
721Mohanagar ExpressSunday12:30 PM6:40 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off Day3:00 PM8:55 PM

Kamalapur to Chattogram Train Schedule

One Train Are Available for Kamalapur to Chattogram route in the Morning. The Train Name is Mahanagar Provati-704, Two trains are available in the afternoon for those traveling from Kamalapur to Chattogram Route. These trains are named Chattala Express and Mahanagar Express.

Train NoTrain NameOff DayDhaka DepartureChattogram Arrival
804Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off Day7:45 AM1:35 PM
802Chattala ExpressFriday1:45 PM8:10 PM
702Suborno ExpressMonday4:30 PM9:25 PM
722Mohanagar ExpressSunday9:20 PM3:30 AM
742Turna No Off Day11:15 PM5:15 AM

Kamalapur Railway Station Ticketing System

Counter Ticket

Kamalapur have many Ticket counter you can Purchases ticket from any counter

Online Ticket

you can book or purchases Any railway tickets from visiting Bangladesh Railway Official website

Helpline or Contact Number

There is no phone number to contact Bangladesh Railway Management you can send complaints.

Email Address

Hotel near Dhaka Railway Station

The hotels near Kamalapur Train Station in Dhaka. Check out our list below for options and contact numbers to book your stay.

Hotel NameLocationContact Number
Hotel Arafat ResidentialOuter Circular Rd, Dhaka01703-982077
Hotel Parabat3, Inner Circular Road, Fakirapool, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka 100001761-898374
Hotel Seven Star01912-012551
Hotel AS Shams International01970-685685
Hotel PacificC/A, 120/B Motijheel Rd, Dhaka 100002-57161060
HOTEL MUNA International Residential37, 38 Green Rd, Dhaka 120501784-011232

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