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Rent a Toyota Coaster Bus in Dhaka

Toyota Coaster Rent price in Dhaka

The Toyota Coaster mini tourist bus rental price starts at BDT 12,000 Taka per day in Dhaka. If you travel outside of Dhaka, there will be an extra charge of BDT 2,000. (Negotiable)

Toyota Coaster Monthly Rent Price in Bangladesh

The Toyota Coaster mini tourist bus rental price starts at BDT 1,80,000 Taka per month in Bangladesh. (Negotiable)

Near Dhaka for Daily

Toyota Coaster

Starting 12,000 / day

Outside Dhaka for Daily

Toyota Coaster

Starting 14,000 / day


Toyota Coaster

Starting 90,000 / day

Toyota Coaster Mini Bus in Bangladesh

Coaster are most popular tourist bus in Bangladesh if you want a mini bus with safety and comfortable the coaster is the best option for you. Coaster mini bus are manufacture from world famous automobile brand Toyota. Toyota Coaster are very affectable tourist bus in Bangladesh 

How many people can fit in a Coaster?

There are main two Toyota coaster mini bus available are in Bangladesh Coaster 30 Seater and Full Spaces 26 Seater.

Coaster 30 Seater Mini Bus


Toyota coaster 30 seter mini bus come with 1Hz model Engine that type 6-cylinders, in-line, 12-valve OHC. Pistone Displacement 4164 cc. The Fuel System is Distrbutor system and the maximum output is 96 [128.74] or 3800 kW [hp]/rpm. The maximum torque is 285 NM or 22000 rpm. Bore X stroke 94.0×100.0 mm. the compression ratio is 22.4:1


The transmission of Coaster 30 seater mini bus is 5 Forward and 1 Reverse and transmission type is manual. the suspension is bouble wishbone leaf spring fornt and rear. The brakes is ventilated disc or drum with auto adjust for front and rear both. The minimum turning radius of tires is 6.5m and the fuel tank capacity is 95 litter. the tires is 7000R16-12pR (12) 5.50 F Steel.

Dimensions & Weight 

The coaster 30 seater mini bus as overall length is 6990 mm and overall width is 2275 with snorkel and withour snorker 2080 mm and  the overall hieght is 2635 mm. The wheelbase is 3935 mm and tread 1690 for front and 1490 mm for rear. The ground clearance 180 mm. the interior lenght 6230 width 1885 and height 1890 mm. curb weight is 3610 to 3665 kg and the gross vehicle weight is 5670 kg.

Toyota Coaster Full Spaces 26 Seater 


The Toyota Coaster full spaces 26 seater engine model is 14B and the engine type is 4 cylinder, in-line, 8-valvw OHC. The engine piston displacement is 3661 cc. the fuel system is distributor type. The maximum output is 72 [97.89] or 3400kW [hp] rpm and the maximum torque is 72 [97.89] or 3400 Nm/rpm . The Bore x Stroke is 102.0×112.0 mm and the compression ratio is 18.0:1. 


The Transmission of Toyota Coaster full space 26 seater is 5 forward and 1 revers and the transmission type is manual. the suspension is double wishbone or multi leaf spring for front and rear both. the brakes is ventilated disc or drum with auto adjust for both front and rear. the minimum Turing radius of tires is 6.1 mm. the fuel tank capacity is 95 litter. the tires is 700R16-10PR (12) 5.05F Steel.

Dimension & Weight 

the dimension & weight for Coaster Full Space 26 Seater is Overall length 6255 mm and overall width 2275 with snorket and 2080 mm without snorket. the overall height is 2630. the wheelbase is 3200 mm and tread for front is 1690 and rear 1490 mm. The ground clearance is 180 mm. The Interior length 5455 , width is 1885 and the height is 1890 mm. the curb weight is 3255 to 3390 and the gross vehicle weight is 5330 kg.

How much fuel does a Toyota Coaster use per km?

The Toyota Coaster cost per kilometer is Bangladesh is 32 taka approximately and it’s not fixed the cost of per kilometer depending on many situation and weather also 

How to rent a Toyota Coaster Tourist Minibus in Bangladesh?

Just give a call to our expert car rental support team at (+88019 1644 5529) and we will provide you with all the necessary information about your needs. Our team will suggest you a car with the best price.

What’s included with rental price? 

Our services include the provision of professional drivers and well-maintained vehicles. In addition to the basic fee, you will have to cover additional expenses such as fuel, tolls, and meals for the driver.

There are multiple Toyota Coaster Mini tourist bus available for rental service?

Yes, we have multiple tourist buses for renting in Bangladesh. Give us a call at (+88019 1644 5529) for assistance.