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Brahmanbaria Railway Station

Brahmanbaria Railway Station, located in the city of Brahmanbaria in the Chittagong division. Brahmanbaria’s main railway station is a popular and crowded place and the easiest way to get to Dhaka by rail. Brahmanbaria Railway Station is well-connected, with several intercity and local trains stopping here. It is a crucial transportation hub for the region, with many popular trains passing through it.

All Train Schedule For Brahmanbaria Railway Station

Some of the well-known trains that make a stop at Brahmanbaria Railway Station are listed below

Train NoTrain NameOff DayRoutesArrivalDeparture
742TurnaOff DayDhaka to Chattogram1:12 AM1:16 AM
741TurnaOff DayChattogram to Dhaka3:07 AM3:10 AM
797Kurigram Express5.01 AM5.06 AM
709Parabat ExpressTuesdayDhaka to Sylhet8.26 AM8.29 AM
798Kurigram Express8.23 AM8.30 AM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off DayDhaka to Chattogram9:39 AM9:43 AM
801Chattala ExpressFridayChattogram to Dhaka9:55 AM9:57 AM
717Jayentika ExpressTuesdayDhaka to Sylhet1.11 PM1.15 PM
802Chattala ExpressFridayDhaka to Chattogram 3:55 PM3:59 PM
721Mohanagar ExpressSundayChattogram to Dhaka4:26 PM4:30 PM
718Jayentika ExpressThursdaySylhet to Dhaka5.09 PM5.13 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off DayChattogram to Dhaka6:41 PM6:45 PM
772Rangpur Express8.00 PM8.10 PM
710Parabat ExpressTuesdaySylhet to Dhaka8.04 PM8.08 PM
722Mohanagar ExpressSundayDhaka to Chattogram11:28 PM11:32 PM

Brahmanbaria to Dhaka Train Schedule

In the section below, we have listed all the trains that operate from Brahmanbaria to Dhaka.

Brahmanbaria to Dhaka All Train Timetable

Train NoTrain NameOff DayBrahmanbaria DepartureDhaka Arrival
741TurnaNo Off3:07 AM3:10 AM
801Chattala ExpressFriday9:55 AM12:10 PM
710Parabat ExpressTuesday8.04 PM10.15 PM
721Mohanagar ExpressSunday4:26 PM6:40 PM
718Jayentika ExpressThursday5.09 PM2.25 PM
703Mahanagar godhuliNo Off Day6:41 PM8:55 PM

Dhaka to Brahman Baria Train Schedule

In the section below, we have listed all the trains that operate from Dhaka to Brahmanbaria.

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Time Table

Train NoTrain NameOff DayDhaka DepartureBrahmanbaria Arrival
709Parabat ExpressTuesday6.30 AM8.26 AM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off Day7:45 AM9:39 AM
717Jayentika ExpressTuesday11.15 AM1.15 PM
802Chattala ExpressFriday1:45 PM3:55 PM
722Mohanagar ExpressSunday9:20 PM11:28 PM
742TurnaNo Off11:15 PM1:12 AM

Chattogram to Brahman Baria Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayChattogram DepatureBrahman Baria Arrival
741TurnaNo Off3:07 AM3:10 AM
801Chattala ExpressFriday6:00 AM12:10 PM
721Mohanagar ExpressSunday12:30 PM4:26 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off Day3:00 PM6:41 PM

Brahman Baria to Chattogram Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayBrahman Baria DepartureChattogram Arrival
742TurnaNo Off1:16 AM5:15 AM
704Mahanagar ExpressNo Off Day9:39 AM1:35 PM
802Chattala ExpressFriday3:55 PM8:10 PM
722Mahanagor ExpressSunday11:32 PM3:30 AM

Hotel Nearby Brahman Baria Station

Brahmanbaria Railway Station is a bustling transportation hub that offers a range of amenities to its visitors. You will find numerous rent-a-car service, hotels, restaurants, and tea stalls in the vicinity, catering to all your needs.

In the evening, the station takes on a lively atmosphere as locals gather to socialize and enjoy tea. You can join in on the fun and experience the warm hospitality of the people of Brahmanbaria.

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