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Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill

Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill, also known as Lal Shaplar Bill, is a beautiful wetland located at the foothills of the Bangladesh-India border in Jaintapur, Sylhet. This serene area is situated about 42 km away from the bustling city of Sylhet. The Haor comprises four Haor or Bill: Yam, Dibi, Halopkata, and Kendiyo Bill.

During the rainy season, the Haor transforms into a stunning state of Shapla, also known as water lily. Thousands of bright red Shapla flowers bloom everywhere, creating a breathtaking sight. As the morning sun rises, the surroundings light up with the warm glow of thousands of red candles, giving the Haor a magical and mystical feel.

Apart from the natural beauty, some historical landmarks add to the charm of Dibir Haor. A ruined temple dates back to about two hundred years ago. Legend has it that this temple was built in memory of a king of the Jainta kingdom who drowned somewhere in Dibir Howar.

Additionally, between Harfkata and Dibir Haor is a tomb of King Ram Singh. During the winter season, the Haor becomes a haven for various species of birds, including Saadabak, Jalmayuri, and Pankauri, among others. The area becomes a birdwatcher’s paradise, with the chirping of different species of birds filling the air.

A visit to Dibir Haor is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Best time to visit Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill.

The Red Shapla flowers at Dibir Haor are usually in bloom from September to December, with November being the best time to see them. To catch a glimpse of their form, you should arrive before sunrise. In the morning, thousands of these beautiful flowers can float in the water, creating a stunning sight.

Planning to visit Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill

By Bus

You can easily find buses from Dhaka to Sylhet, with fares ranging from 500 to 1500 taka. Also you can find buses from any Place in Bangladesh to Sylhet.

By Train

If you’re planning to visit Sylhet from Kamalapur Railway Station or Airport Railway Station, you can take Parabar Express, Jayantika Express, Kalni Express, or Upaban Express. Similarly, if you’re traveling from Chattogram to Sylhet, you can opt for Paharika Express, Uddayon Express, or Jalalabad Express Train. These are the convenient train services available for commuting between these destinations.

By Rent a Car

You can rent a car from any location in Bangladesh to visit Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill.

Sylhet to Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill

To get to Jaintapur from Sylhet, you can take a bus or an autorickshaw or hire a private car. If you book an autorickshaw driven by Sinji for the morning, it may cost you anywhere between Tk 1500 and Tk 1800. If you go a bit further from Jaintapur Bazar, you will see the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) DB’s camp. Shapla Bill is located about 1 km from the side of this camp.

If you want to reach this pace from Kadmatoli in Sylhet by bus, you can get off the bus in front of Dibir Howar camp, 2 km ahead of Jaintapur Bazar. From there, you can reach after just a 1 km walk along the village road.

Boat Rent on Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill

If you want to travel by boat in Shapla Bill, you will get many boat. The rent may be around 300 to 400 taka.

Hotel Near Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill

You can find many hotels near Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill at Joytapur Bazar. However, if you need luxurious hotels, you must come back to Sylhet, where the hotels and restaurants can cost around 300 to 8000 taka.

Tourist Place Near Dibir Haor or Shapla Bill

Many amazing tourist places around this location are worth exploring. Some of the most notable ones are Lala Khal, which has breathtaking natural beauty, and Tamabil, known for its picturesque landscapes. Japlong is another peaceful destination with a serene atmosphere. If you love nature, Bichanakandi is a must-visit, and Ratargul is home to a beautiful freshwater swamp forest. Lastly, Lovachara is perfect for learning about indigenous culture and traditions.

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