Car Dorkar

Train NoTrain NameOff DayRouteArrival Departure
741TurnaNo OffChattogram to Dhaka12:50 AM12:52 AM
722Mohanagar ExpressSundayDhaka to Chattogram1:53 AM1:55 AM
786Bijoy ExpressTuesdayJamalpur to Chattogram3:20 AM3:22 AM
742TurnaNo OffDhaka to Chattogram3:40 AM3:42 AM
724Udayan ExpressSundaySylhet to Chattogram4:17 AM4:19 AM
801Chattala ExpressFridayChattogram to Dhaka7:25 AM7:30 AM
719Paharika ExpressMondayChattogram To Sylhet9:19 AM9:16 AM
785Bijoy ExpressTuesdayChattogram to Jamalpur10:39 AM10:41 AM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off DayDhaka to Chattogram12:00 PM12:02 PM
721Mohanagar ExpressSundayChattogram to Dhaka1:53 PM6:40 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off DayChattogram to Dhaka4:02 PM4:38 PM
720Paharika ExpressWednesdaySylhet to Chattogram5:24 PM5:26 PM
802Chattala ExpressFridayDhaka to Chattogram6:33 PM6:38 PM
723Udayan ExpressWednesdayChattogram To Sylhet11:04 PM11:07 PM

Feni to Chattogram Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayDeparture FeniArrival Chattogram
722Mahanagar ExpressSunday1:53 AM3:30 AM
786Bijoy ExpressTuesday3:20 AM3:22 AM
742TurnaNo Off3:40 AM5:15 AM
724Udayan ExpressSunday4:17 AM4:19 AM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off Day12:00 PM12:02 PM
720Paharika ExpressWednesday5:24 PM6:55 PM
802Chattala ExpressFriday6:33 PM8:10 PM

Chattogram to Feni Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayDeparture ChattogramArrival Feni
801Chattala ExpressFriday6:00 AM7:25 AM
719Paharika ExpressMonday7:50 AM9:13 AM
785Bijoy ExpressTuesday9:15 AM10:40 AM
721Mohanagar ExpressSunday12:30 PM1:53 PM
704Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off Day3:00 PM4:20 PM
723Udayan ExpressWednesday9:45 PM11:04 PM
741TurnaNo Off 11:30 PM5:15 AM

Feni to Dhaka Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayDeparture FeniArrival Dhaka
741TurnaNo Off12:50 AM5:15 AM
801Chattala ExpressFriday 7:25 AM12:10 PM
721Mohanagar ExpressSunday1:56 PM6:40 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off Day4:20 PM8:55 PM

Dhaka to Feni Train Schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff DayDeparture DhakaArrival Feni
802Chattala ExpressFriday1:45 PM6:33 PM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off Day7:45 AM12:00 PM
722Mohanagar ExpressSunday9:20 PM1:53 AM
742Turna ExpressNo Off11:15 PM3:40 AM

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