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Jaflong Zero Point

Jaflong Zero Point, also known as the “daughter of nature,” is a popular tourist destination in Bangladesh’s Sylhet district. It is situated near the Meghalaya border in Goainghat Upazila and is renowned for its natural beauty. The Piane River flows through Jaflong, creating a stunning visual of crystal-clear water cascading over rocks. The Dauki Bridge, hanging over the river, adds to the place’s scenic beauty. The mountains surrounding Jaflong are often covered in white clouds, creating a unique and breathtaking view. Jaflong offers visitors a different experience every season, making it an attractive destination throughout the year.

Best time to visit Jaflong Zero Point

The best time to visit Jaflong is when you can enjoy the experience without worrying about crowds or closing hours. January-April offers favorable weather for sightseeing,

Planning to Visit Jaflong Zero Point

By Bus

You can easily find buses from Dhaka to Sylhet, with fares ranging from 500 to 1500 taka. Also you can find buses from any Place in Bangladesh to Sylhet.

By Train

To travel from Kamalapur Railway Station or Airport Railway Station to Sylhet, take Parabar Express, Jayantika Express, Kalni Express, or Upaban Express. For traveling from Chattogram to Sylhet, choose Paharika Express, Uddayon Express, or Jalalabad Express Train. These are the most convenient train services for commuting between these destinations.

By Rent a Car

You can rent a car from any location in Bangladesh to visit Japlong Zaro Point.

Sylhet to Jaflong

The distance between Sylhet and Jaflong is approximately 60 km. Traveling directly from Sylhet to Jaflong takes around one to two hours. You can opt for various modes of transport such as bus, CNG, Laguna, or microbus to reach Jaflong. The bus to Jaflong departs from Kadamtoli, and the local bus fare is Tk 70 per person. The non-stop bus fare is Tk 100. You can also take the bus from Sobhanighat in Sylhet city. Apart from buses, there are local Laguna services available for Jaflong.

You can get CNG, Laguna, or Microbus from outside Bandarbazar Shishupark if you prefer a reserved vehicle. You can also find vehicles to book from almost all parts of Sylhet. A maximum of 5 people can sit in a CNG, ten people in a Laguna, and microbus seats depend on the vehicle.

If you plan to travel throughout the day, including going to Jaflong, the CNG fare will be between 1200 and 1500 taka, Laguna 2000 and 2500 taka, and the microbus reserve will cost 3000 to 5000 taka. Reserve a car if you are traveling with a group and would like to visit other nearby areas. Before fixing the vehicle, negotiate what you want to see.

If you’re going for a picnic or a family trip, you can go directly to Jaflong by bus or a private car. The road to Jaflong is presently in good condition. The road to Jaflong Zero Point via Guchchgram BGB Camp is more popular than Mamar Bazar.

Boat Rent On Jaflong Zero Point

Jaflong Zero Point is a beautiful destination that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can enjoy its scenic beauty by renting a boat and exploring the area. The boat rental service is available at this point, and the prices range from 300 taka to 3500 taka, depending on the type of boat you choose. Whether you want to go for a short ride or a long one, you can find a boat that suits your needs. So, take the chance to experience the beauty of Jaflong Zero Point from the water.

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