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Kurigram Railway Station Train Schedules

Kurigram, a northern district in Bangladesh, boasts one of the oldest and most significant railway stations in the region. The Railway Station serves as a vital transportation hub for the locals. One noteworthy aspect of this station is its exceptional cleanliness, despite being less cared for and maintained than other railway stations in the country. Credit goes to the railway authority for their remarkable efforts in maintaining the station so well.


Kurigram Railway Station Overview

It’s an experience worth having if you’re visiting the area. Although the railway station’s structure could be better, it remains the main station in Kurigram. This station primarily serves local trains, and you can catch a train to Chilmari Bondor from here. Despite not being a very popular destination, it is still an essential part of the railway network in the region, connecting Lalmonirhat Railway Station, Parbotipur Railway Station, Airport Railway Station, and Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station.

All Train Schedule for Kurigram Railway Station

Train NoTrain NameRoutesArrivalDeparture
422Local TrainParbotipur to Ramna Bazar6.23 AM6.28 AM
798Kurigram ExpressKurigram to Dhaka6.20 AM7.20 AM
415Local TrainRamna Bazar to Tista8.45 AM8.50 AM
416Local TrainTista To Ramna Bazar11.23 AM11.28 PM
98Kurigram SatolLalmonirhat to Kurigram7.20 PM7.40 PM
97Kurigram SatolKurigram to Lalmonirhat7.20 PM7.40 PM
797Kurigram ExpressDhaka to Kurigram8.45 PM
772Rangpur ExpressDhaka to Rongpur7.20 PM
771Rangpur ExpressRangpur to Dhaka7.50 PM

Kurigram to Dhaka Train Service

kurigram dhaka train schedule

Are you are planning a trip from Kurigram to Dhaka, there are several travel options available for you. However, the railway station is undoubtedly the best choice. The station operates two trains that run to Dhaka daily – Kurigram Express and Rangpur Express. Both of these trains are equipped with modern amenities, including air-conditioned coaches, comfortable seating, and clean washrooms.

Avoid road travel from Kurigram to Dhaka, as it can be risky due to poor road conditions and heavy traffic. On the other hand, travelling by train not only offers a comfortable journey but also ensures timely arrival at your destination. Moreover, you will get a real Bangladeshi feeling on the train, as you will be able to interact with locals and enjoy the scenic beauty of Bangladesh’s countryside. Therefore, if you want to experience the true essence of Bangladesh, travelling by train from Kurigram to Dhaka is the best option for you.

Kurigram to Dhaka Train Schedule

Train NameKurigram DepartureDhaka Arrival
Kurigram Express7.20 AM5.15 PM
Rangpur Express7.50 PM6.00 AM

Dhaka to Kurigram Train Service


Are you’re planning a trip from Dhaka to Kurigram, you’ll be delighted to know that there are two fantastic trains to choose from – Kurigram Express and Rangpur Express! Both trains offer a comfortable and enjoyable ride, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenic views on your journey.

Dhaka To Kurrigram Train Schedule

Train NameDhaka DepartureKurigram Arrival
Kurigram Express8.45 PM6.10 AM
Rangpur Express9.10 PM7.20 AM

Are you planning to visit Kurigram? Then you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the wonderful railway station in the area. Even though it’s an old station, it’s well-maintained and offers top-notch services to the local community. With a rich history, this station offers a fascinating glimpse into the cultural heritage of Kurigram. So, when you’re in Kurigram, make sure to visit this historic railway station and experience the charm and beauty of this incredible place. You won’t regret it!

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