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Rajshahi Railway Station, all Train Schedules with Train Number.

A well-known railway station in Bangladesh with five platforms is located here. The station connects to cities like Rajshahi, Dhaka Railway Station, and Khulna. We’ll help you plan your trip confidently.


Rajshahi Railway Station Train Schedules

The train types you can find here include local, mail, commuter, intercity, and express.

Tran NoTran NameOff DayRoutesArrivalDeparture
756Madhumati ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka6.40 AM
792Banatola ExpressChapai Nawabganj to Dhaka6.50 AM7.00 AM
754Silkcity ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka 7.40 AM
769Dhumketu ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi11.40 AM
760Padma ExpressRajshahi to Dhaka 4.00 PM
791Banalota ExpressDhaka to Chapai Nawabganj6.05 PM6.25 PM
753Silkcity ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi8.30 PM
755Madhumati ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi10.40 PM
759Padma ExpressDhaka to Rajshahi4.25 AM
770Dhumketu ExpressRajshahi to DhakaStart Station11.20 PM

Rajshahi Railway Station, Overview

Rajshahi Station is a bustling transportation hub that serves as a crucial link between local and intercity travel in Bangladesh. Recently, the authorities installed comfortable seating arrangements for the convenience of passengers waiting for their trains. This station has a nice screen and wash area and offers fresh air.

Rajshahi to Dhaka Train list and Time with Off Day

Five daily trains are available from Rajshahi to Dhaka. Check train names, numbers, and off-day schedules below to plan your adventure.

Train NoTrain NameDeparture RajshahiArrival DhakaOff Day
756Madhumati Express6.40 AM2.00 PMThursday
792Banalata Express7.00 AM11.35 AMFriday
754Silkcity Express7.40 AM1.20 PMSunday
760Padma Express4.00 PM9.25 PMTuesday
770Dhumketu Express11.20 PM5.00 AMWednesday

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Time Table with Off-Day

Five daily trains are available from Dhaka to Rajshahi. Check train names, numbers, and off-day schedules below to plan your adventure from Airport Railway Station or Kamalapur Railway Station.

Train NoTrain NameDeparture DhakaArrival RajshahiOff Day
769Dhumketu Express6.00 AM11.40 AMThusaday
791Banalata Express1.30 PM6.005 PMFriday
753Silkcity2.40 PM8.30 PMSunday
755Madumati Express3.00 PM10.40 PMThursday
759Padma Express10.45 PM4.25 AMTuesday

Dhaka to Rajshahi Train Ticket Price

Traveling between Dhaka and Rajshahi? Train tickets cost 375-1173 Tk. You can buy tickets at the railway station or online using the computerized system. Don’t miss the convenience of buying tickets online – you can even do it from your phone!

Price list AC and Non-AC

Shuvon Chair340
AC Chair782
AC Seat782
AC Berth1173

Hotel Nearby Rajshahi Railway Station

Rajshahi City has hotels for overnight stays. Here are some popular hotels and rent-a-car agency and their phone numbers. This list can help with your future tours in Rajshahi.

Hotel list and mobile number near Rajshahi

Hotel NameLocationMobile Number

We invite you to visit the city and experience what it offers.

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