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Chattogram Railway Station

The Chattogram Railway Station in Bangladesh underwent renovation in 2013 to enhance its infrastructure, facilities, and services. The project included building a new terminal with modern amenities like waiting areas, ticket counters, and restrooms. The station is a vital transportation hub in Chattogram District and comprises two terminals: old and new. The old terminal still provides the necessary facilities and services. The new terminal caters to the growing demands of passengers and the railway industry.

All Train No schedules for Chattogram Railway Station.

Train NoTrain NameOff DayRoutesArrivalDeparture
722Mohanagar ExpressSundayDhaka to Chattogram3:30 AM
742TurnaNo OffDhaka to Chatttogram5:15 AM
724Udayan ExpressSundaySylhet to Chattogram5:50 AM
801Chattala ExpressFridayChattogram to Dhaka6:00 AM
701Suborna ExpressMondayChattogram to Dhaka7:30 AM
719Paharika ExpressMondayChattogram To Sylhet7:50 AM
785Bijoy ExpressTuesdayChattogram to Jamalpur9:15 AM
816Parjotak ExpressSundayDhaka to Cox’s Bazar11:20 AM11:40 AM
788Sonar Bangla ExpressWednesdayDhaka to Chattogram7:00 AM11:55 AM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off DayDhaka to Chattogram1:35 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off DayChattogram to Dhaka3:00 PM
802Chattala ExpressFridayDhaka to Chattogram8:10 PM
702Suborno ExpressMondayDhaka to Chattogram9:25 PM
723Udayan ExpressWednesdayChattogram to Sylhet9:45 PM
815Parjotak ExpressSundayCox’s Bazar to Dhaka10:50 PM11:15 PM
741TurnaNo OffChattogram to Dhaka11:30 PM
721Mohanagar ExpressSundayChattogram to Dhaka12:30 PM
787Sonar Bangla ExpressTuesdayChattogram To Dhaka4:45 PM
720Paharika ExpressWednesdaySylhet to Chattogram6:55 PM
814Cox’s Bazar Express3.40 AM4.00 AM

Chattogram to Dhaka Train Schedule

There are Eight trains available on the Chattogram to Dhaka route. Three of them, Chattala Express, Mahanagar Godhuli and Mohanagar Express, have multiple stoppages. The other four, Suborno Express, Cox’s Bazar Express, Sonar Bangla Express, and Parjotak Express, are nonstop express trains.

Chattogram to Dhaka All Trains list and timetable

Train NameTrain NameOff DayChattogram Departure Dhaka Arrival
801Chattala ExpressFriday6:00 AM12:10 PM
701Suborno ExpressMonday7:30 AM12:25 PM
787Sonar Bangla ExpressTuesday4:45 PM9:40 PM
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo Off Day3:00 PM8:55 PM
815Parjotak ExpressSunday10.50 PM4.30 AM
742TurnaNo Off11:30 PM5:15 AM
721Mohanagar ExpressSunday12:30 PM6:40 PM
813Cox’s Bazar ExpressTuesday12.30 PM9.10 PM
741TurnaNo Off11:30 PM5:15 AM

Dhaka to Chattogram Train Schedule

There are Eight trains available on the Dhaka to Chattogram route. Four of them, Mahanagar Provati, Parjotak Express and Sonar Bangla Express, are in the morning. The other Three, Chattala Express, Mohanagar Express and Turna are in the afternoon.

Dhaka to Chattogram All Trains list and timetable

Train NameDhaka DepartureOff DayDhaka DepartureChattogram Arrival
816Parjotak ExpressSunday6.15 AM11.20 AM
788Sonar Bangla ExpressWednesday7:00 AM11:55 AM
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo Off Day7:45 AM1:35 PM
813Cox’s Bazar Express
802Chattala ExpressFriday1:45 PM8:10 PM
702Suborno ExpressMonday4:30 PM9:25 PM
722Mohanagar ExpressSunday9:20 PM3:30 AM
742TurnaNo Off 11:15 PM5:15 AM

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