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Sonar Bangla Express Train Schedule

If you’re looking for information about Sonar Bangla Express train, this article is an excellent resource. It contains an in-depth analysis of the Train Schedule. With details of all the stops along the way and comprehensive information on ticket prices.

When choosing a train for this route. You’ll be have more excellent options are available. Sonar Bangla Express. Parjotak Express. Mahanagar Provati Express. Chattala Express. Suborno Express. Mohanagar Express. Cox’s Bazar Express. Turna. Are a great way to travel between Chattogram to Dhaka cities.

So, whether you’re a seasoned commuter or a first-time Traveler, you can rest assured that you’ll have a comfortable and enjoyable journey on either of these trains. Don’t hesitate to book your ticket now and experience the convenience and luxury of train travel in Bangladesh.

Train No 788 Schedule

The Sonar Bangla Express Train is a top-of-the-line super express train that runs non-stop between Dhaka and Chattogram. With its swift and efficient service, this train takes only 4 hours and 55 minutes to complete. It’s important to note that the train does not operate on Wednesdays, as it is its weekly off day. If you’re looking for a comfortable, speedy, and hassle-free mode of transportation between these two major cities in Bangladesh, the Sonar Bangla Express Train is an excellent choice.

Time Table

Station NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
Dhaka7:00 AM
Biman Bandor7:22 AM7:27 AM
Chattogram11:55 AM

Train No 787 Schedule

The Sonar Bangla Express train runs on the Chattogram to Dhaka route and has a weekly off day on Tuesdays. This train is known for its Super Express and non-stop services, taking only 4 hours and 55 minutes to complete its journey. The train’s speed and efficiency make it popular for this routes.

Time Table

Station NameArrival TimeDeparture Time
Chattogram4:45 PM
Dhaka9:40 PM

Sonar Bangla Express Train Tickets Price

The train tickets are available for two classes Shuvon Chair and Snigdha. The ticket prices for these classes are as follows.

Shuvon Chair405

Train Tracking and live location

Sonar Bangla Express Train No 788

Tracking live location Dhaka to Chattogram just go to your mobile SMS option type [TR 788] and send it to 16318

Sonar Bangla Express Train No 787

Tracking live location Chattogram to Dhaka just go to your mobile SMS option type [TR 787] and send it to 16318

History of this Train

Shonar Bangla is a popular nonstop inter-city train in Bangladesh that is well-known for its fast service and quality food. The train was introduced to provide passengers with a comfortable and convenient travel experience. Shonar Bangla operates from Dhaka Railway Station and gets the second top priority on the Bangladesh Railway network. The train only stops at Dhaka Airport Station, which makes it a convenient option for those traveling to and from the airport.

The train fare is similar to that of Suborno Express, another popular train service in Bangladesh. However, starting in 2021, the price of food that Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation supplies will not be included in the ticket. This allows passengers to select their preferred food items during the journey.

If you are planning to travel during the Eid holidays, Shonar Bangla can be a great option. On April 16th, during an Eid trip, you can enjoy the train’s comfortable seating and fast service. The train is designed to provide a hassle-free travel experience and is equipped with modern amenities that make the journey enjoyable. So, why not book your tickets for Shonar Bangla and experience a convenient and comfortable ride?

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